Local Wildlife

Our youngest found this little bird - It had something wrong with its eyes - like maybe it was blind.  Poor thing.  We enjoyed tenderly looking at her and talking about her for a bit, then we set her in a safe place in hopes she would do well in her life...

Our sweet dog Molly looking curiously at this little creature

The boys

Holiday Cards - Don't Delay!

Consider having me create a unique Holiday Card for you this season!  I know I prefer a personalized photo card over a generic one any day!  Every year I update my fridge with this year's photo cards.

Take your Press Printed Cards to a new level of distinction with 50 shapes of Boutique Cards. Choose from basic shapes, curved shapes, scalloped edges, geometric and ornate designs for flat press printed cards. Boutique Cards are available in quantities as low as 25, and envelopes are included with 5x5 and 5x7 sizes. Six paper options are available including Standard, Art Watercolor, Art Linen, art Recycled, Premium Matte, or Pearl. Both sides of the cards are fully customizable.

Check out some cool samples found on the album cafe...


(accolades goes to the albumcafe, http://www.thealbumcafe.com for the samples)

Babies, Their Parents, & Frames!

Betsy's BEFORE and AFTER shot!
Betsy is part of my Pregnancy Project - a photo DVD show - stay tuned for that in the future...

Charity with Daddy - so sweet - More from Charity's session in the future!

The Organic Bloom outdoes themselves again with these fantastic Christmas Ornament frames.  What a great decorating idea or presents for family!  Don't wait too long to order - these can take up to a month to get in once ordered!

FRAME your Babies!  They're worth it!
Trigg and his beautiful and fun Momma - I will be sure to post more from their session in the future!

August's first day at school

It's always great to see my kids excited about things.  August is excited about school...how cool is that?!  This will be his second year of preschool - this time for 4 year olds.  He's already made some great friends and is loving to learn.  I'll bask in his excitement now...Kids, they grow up too fast. 

Anyway, thought I'd share some pics from his first day.

Our youngest in the background there

A big boy for the big boy slide

We saw our neighbor at school - so cool!

Auggie snapped the shot as I held the camera

Two thumbs up for school - he's been waiting ALL SUMMER!

Ready for class

I love making cookies with my kids!

I absolutely LOVE making cookies with my kids!  It's our thing.  We do it nearly every month.  This time I went out of my box and tried a cookie recipe I found on pinterest (man you can get lost on pinterest!).  Found a few recipes on that site now that I have tried and liked actually.  

http://pinterest.com/ - Beware! It will consume you!
http://tendercrumb.blogspot.com/2008/09/my-favorite-chocolate-chip-cookie.html For this cookie recipe - Shared them with bunches of people and they all liked them.  I encourage you to bake with your kiddos too!  Get messy!  Eat too much cookie dough and cookies before supper and no one will EVER complain!  We're sure to eat some carrot sticks later to balance it all out   = )

Braxton is 1 - His one-year pics!

Here is Mr. Braxton - He is 1...isn't he cute?!
Braxton really loved his balloons

Time to cool off!

Our Daughter

This is my husband's beautiful daughter Sidney - She's great!

This is the face that comes right after the one above!  ha ha

Give God the glory :)

Do a little Dance

The Real Sid