New Print items offered!

Tumbled Stone Coasters are a new and unique item for your images. Your image is placed on a ceramic tile using a heat transfer process. These 4"x4" stone textured tiles work great not only as coasters but also as custom tiles for a wall! For use as coasters a cork backing can be added to the tiles for an additional cost.
Tumbled Stone Coaster can be ordered individually or in a set of four. If you choose the set of four you may select up to four different images, one to go on each coaster, or use the same image on all four!

A New Twist on Wallets - Accordion Wallets (below)
Accordion Memory book (below)
Accordion Mini Book (below)

Custom press quality greeting and graduation cards

Dry Erase boards for your locker or fridge!

Other press quality options available like save the date magnets, bookmarks, playing cards - all customized using your images.

Float mount options for your images make a unique statement on your wall

Custom & Affordable Framing options.  Make a statement with your prints!  If you took the time to invest in a professional photo shoot, you should display those images with pride on your wall for all to see!

Consider really making a statement with your prints by ordering a metal print that will sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Trying my hand at Pet Photography

I love animals. I have a big ol' doggie of my own; English Mastiff named Molly.  My neighborhood is full of dogs and we all seem to have an appreciation for the love we feel towards our 'animal kids' and I think it makes us (neighbors) all a little closer knowing that we share that bond.  If you're an animal lover, you understand.

Anyway, through these doggie relationships, I met Erin; owner of Harley (shown here) who works at Paw Prints groomer in Spirit Lake.  You can find them at 1608 Hill Ave or call them 712-336-2200

Next session will have to be my neighbor's (Nick & Kelly) dogs who have two pugs and a bulldog named Frank.  ha ha  FUN!  Alright with you Nick and Kelly?!  I'll be over Thursday....  =)

If you're interested in booking a pet session, you can email me at
To see more of Harley and Erin go to:

Renae - Okabena Senior

Had such a great shoot with Renae in Worthington.  She had so many different looks!  She was a natural in front of the camera.  I really enjoyed hanging out with her momma too! another opportunity to shoot some images in front of my very favorite Union Pacific train.

Photo Day at My Son's Daycare

Ok, this isn't my son, but I LOVE this photo of Miss H!  My friend and also my son's "day mommy" wanted me to come out and do a photo day of each of the kids.  We had a blast.  Kids will be kids and I allow them to be themselves!  No yelling at anyone to smile at the camera...just taking them as they are - DARN CUTE! is what they are.  Anyhoo, you can see more as I add them at

Baby Alika

~Meet the adorable Alika~

Click here for more of her photos as I add them to the blog

...So small she fits inside a Twins baseball cap...this little one has her own story. Weighing in at only 1 pound, 10 ounces and 13 inches long, Alika had some fighting to do.

She was born April 23, 2010 at 4:11 in the morning; her mommy was only twenty seven weeks pregnant when this she made her entrance into our world. Alika spent 96 day in the NICU.

Now home, I had the great privilege to photograph her. Alika is still on oxygen and you will see in some of the photos her O2 tubing as well as her feeding tube in her belly. We were able to take the tubing off for short moments to photograph her without it; however, these things are part of her story and take nothing away from how beautiful she is. Her parents agree. What a wonderful experience. Thank you Mesa and Dustin!