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When you make your appointment, you will be able to sit down and virtually peruse the many different options for your photograph(s) or artwork; interchanging the matting and framing options to suit your needs and likes.

Before and After

You get what you pay for...and you really get a lot.

At Lit I pride myself in the enjoyment of the moment! This includes the photo shoots with my customers. Free flowing, I'd like to call my time with you as we find unique locations for your images to be snapped. I like variety, color, texture, lighting, feels, emotion...etc. But, even after all that, your images (in my opinion) need to pop; jump off the page. That's why after the shoot, there is still much work to be done for the photographer (that's me)!

I'll give you a kind example [meaning, not someone with the wears of life on our face] of an already beautiful young lady who's image had already stood out to me from the others. The image is pretty, it's unique, the lighting is good, her skin is soft..but I can't just leave it at that...There is always more to do to an image to make it worth what you're paying for and for you to want to see it up on your wall! To do that, I must digitally work it to bring it to the final touch. Once you compare the can see the difference.

[Click on each image to enlarge and see more detail]

Next - the original is on top and the one artistically edited is below it in partial B&W and partial color.
This one was a fun shot and I liked the original image, but I wanted their hands to stand out...not to mention that I was using a very unique lens that can cause some image distortion, so I wanted to minimize that as well. Click below.

Baby Delivery

I had the most precious opportunity to be present for yet another baby delivery! Thank you to Brian and Betsy for this sincere gift of allowing me to document your amazing day! ~Jenn

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