I love making cookies with my kids!

I absolutely LOVE making cookies with my kids!  It's our thing.  We do it nearly every month.  This time I went out of my box and tried a cookie recipe I found on pinterest (man you can get lost on pinterest!).  Found a few recipes on that site now that I have tried and liked actually.  

http://pinterest.com/ - Beware! It will consume you!
http://tendercrumb.blogspot.com/2008/09/my-favorite-chocolate-chip-cookie.html For this cookie recipe - Shared them with bunches of people and they all liked them.  I encourage you to bake with your kiddos too!  Get messy!  Eat too much cookie dough and cookies before supper and no one will EVER complain!  We're sure to eat some carrot sticks later to balance it all out   = )