Alika is 6 months old

All this week I'll be uploading some of my favs from Alika's 6 month shoot.  You can go to the Momma & Babies blog to view them. 
To see Alika's first photo op with me, go to:

Snow day

When isn't it a snow day here in MN these days?!  Thank goodness for warmth inside and a on demand Netflix movie to pass the day along!


A New Year!

So how many of you are excited to start a new know, fresh starts...learning from last year to be better people this year?!  I am.  I'm not one to make a new years resolution, but I certainly like to look back at my year and think about what I did right, what I could improve on, and what I need to change.

I love what I do!  I've been so blessed to meet so many wonderful clients over the years!  Some have even begun to feel more like family to me.  Thank you to everyone who chose to use me as their photographer!  It was a wonderful year and I look forward to another year full of great experiences!