On a recent trip to Vegas for some girl fun - I took some photos to capture our memories

In my room...ready for the night out on the town.  Not something I am used to - more of a stay at home mom/jeans and a t-shirt kinda gal but it was Vegas afterall!  

Onto the houseboat for the second part of our trip - Lake Mead 

Gotta say - I had great fun on this trip!

A boy and his dog

Our son and sweet dog Molly - She's an English Mastiff in case you're wondering.

Bubble Fun

I absolutely love this pic I just happened to capture of these two - its printed and up on our wall.  These two share a very special bond and it warms my heart each time I look at it.

Some recent "off the hip" pics

On a recent trip to small town IA, USA - we had a scavenger hunt going for the kids; so with them occupied and having fun with one another, I walked around town to capture some fun & unique shots...Thought I'd share.

The last set of my favs from Alika's 1year Session

...If only I can show you all of them...

My favorite!  What a face!

She looks like an angel!

Dad is a big Twins fan

~Alika's one year photo shoot~

It has been such a privilege to watch Alika grow up!  You've come a long way beautiful girl!!  So thankful that I have been a part of watching you grow...may your life be blessed.

More photos from her photo shoot to come in the next week...

Why so serious Miss Alika?