Potty Training

Wouldn't any boy just love to walk around naked all day? I know our boy does and we allow him to do it daily. Maybe some of you would disagree with my methodology; however, I find that our son does so much better in using his potty chair when there is nothing there making him think he has a diaper on. I don't have to work hard at the training and he loves to be naked and to use his potty chair...so it all works out. (Besides, I love looking at his cute be'hind)

Anyway, as he was sitting, chilling out in a chair while watching BOLT...I just HAD to take a picture. Man, this boy MELTS MY HEART!


Time with Family

This weekend was full of men barbecue'n, kids playin', everyone campin', and town paradin'. I had a wedding to photograph on Friday, so I missed much of the original festivities, but I was sure to capture a few fun photos of the cousins playing on Papa's firetruck.

....Just thought I'd share.... [Jenn]

Make a Wrapped Wire Bracelet - wikiHow

Make a Wrapped Wire Bracelet - wikiHow

I thought this would be a fun project for any of us out there who love to try new things in the summertime. Looks easy enough and quite pretty as well! Good luck!