You know what they say...

...A shoemakers kids never have any shoes. Yes, yes. Well, in this case, I am VERY good about taking photos of my kids (just not printing them...It's on my TODO list ok?!) - but I am VERY horrible about actually getting images done for my closest friends and family. Its a shame really but here are some of Anna's pics I did for my VERY good friend Jess along with Anna's sis Karolina. (I could stare at Anna's pictures all day...she's so darn beauticute! (that's my new word for beautiful and cute all smashed together to make one word...I'll even let you use it if you'd like!)

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Summer Update

It's been a whirlwind of activity in the Sorbe home with kids, summer fun, family, and now full on Senior photo sessions! I will be adding photos from each of my sessions little by little... here are just a few that are in the process of being edited and added to my blogs - click on the link below the photo to take you to more from their session!

Hope you're all having a WONDERFUL sumer! Take advantage b'cause school is almost here!

PS - I have a few more $50 in photo credit bonuses for those first 20 seniors who book with me.