Beautiful Daughter!

My husband's beautiful daughter Sid wanted some fun photos this weekend to which I of course was thrilled to do!  It was snowing like crazy here too which made the shoot even more the hail-like snow was pelting her in the head.  Who ever said modeling was easy?!  I think they turned out great and I love how bright it was.  Makes her stand out even more!

And here's a fun pic of our youngest...he's between the walking/crawling stage at this point.
Kids are awesome!

Introducing: the butterfly on the wall photography - an intimate side of Jenn Sorbe Photography

the butterfly on the wall photography side of my business focuses on the birth of your child. This very intimate part of your life can be captured for you as a keepsake for your lifelong memories.  
Any setting can be photographed for you in an unobtrusive way...much like a butterfly on a wall sits quietly on a wall, I can do my part of documenting your experience without interfering with your intimate and special moments as you welcome your child into the world for the first time.  Afterall, Dad should be busy focusing on you; you are busy doing your job of giving birth; and the nurses are busy taking care of you and your new baby...who's going to document your experience?  Home Birth; Hospital Birth; C-Section - it doesn't matter.  
For more information on this side of Jenn Sorbe Lifestyle Photography, you may contact me via email or by phone. or 1-866-362-1431 

My Son. What a character.

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My son, never a dull moment with this one, let me tell you!  If you raise(d) boys you know how silly (loud, crazy, imaginative..) they are!  This one is not exception let me tell you.  He cracks me up daily.  This montage is going up on my wall for sure!
 "CHFFOOoooooooooot  CHFFOOoooooooooot"