My youngest

My youngest... Aptly nicknamed "the gripy fish" is my favorite person to photograph these days.  His facial expressions give my husband and I constant laughter; he is so animated and quite dramatic at times.  We call him the gripy fish because for no particular reason he just walks around whining and complaining.  But in spite of his 'gripy-ness' he continues to capture our attention and our laughter.  In all fairness, he should also be called kissy-face bc kissing,  I would say, is his second favorite thing to do (first favorite would be eating).

The latest

Working on a 9 month project with my good friend Betsy.  Every month we're tracking/photographing her belly progress and I will be making a final video once "baby girl" arrives.  Just thought I'd share one of our favs from her latest shoot.  If you are interested in getting better acquainted with Betsy, you can find her at

On another note - I chose not to take on any new clients in the early spring months to focus on my kids and some house projects.  To show you why I would ever turn down a client (excluding babies...never turn those opportunities down...who doesn't want to be around babies?!), here is my reason (see below):  

ha ha ha!