Trying my hand at Pet Photography

I love animals. I have a big ol' doggie of my own; English Mastiff named Molly.  My neighborhood is full of dogs and we all seem to have an appreciation for the love we feel towards our 'animal kids' and I think it makes us (neighbors) all a little closer knowing that we share that bond.  If you're an animal lover, you understand.

Anyway, through these doggie relationships, I met Erin; owner of Harley (shown here) who works at Paw Prints groomer in Spirit Lake.  You can find them at 1608 Hill Ave or call them 712-336-2200

Next session will have to be my neighbor's (Nick & Kelly) dogs who have two pugs and a bulldog named Frank.  ha ha  FUN!  Alright with you Nick and Kelly?!  I'll be over Thursday....  =)

If you're interested in booking a pet session, you can email me at
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