Miss Sierra's Fashion Session

Sierra is one of my favorite people!  She's my neighbor...she loves my boys...she is kind...she is helpful...she is many things, to include beautiful!

 This one (above) is my very favorite one!  It will be going up on my wall 'o fame for sure!!

Sierra's Mom, Sandi Adkins owns the salon 2 houses down from me here in Jackson, MN - but she does even more than great do's - she is an amazing knitter!!  Here is just a sampling of some of her recent work.  She also makes jewelry, baby hats, blankets...you name it!  I absolutely LOVE these Barefoot Sandals!  Perfect for summer - perfect for the beach!  You can contact Sandi for more info at 507-847-2501 or stop by The Dewey Street Salon located at 610 Dewey St, Jackson, MN - Oh and be sure to "Like" her fb page at  http://www.facebook.com/DeweyStreetSalon