Back from vacation...well sort of

I've been visiting family in WI all last week for vacation (along with my own family plus dog) and we've thoroughly enjoyed ourselves...but alas it is now just me staying here with the two youngest...and dog... awaiting the arrival of my brother's next little baby! I get the tremendous opportunity to be in the delivery room when she arrives and you know I'll be taking newborn photos of her! I couldn't bring my lights with me since our vehicle was so full [of kids & a dog], but we will do what we can with the natural light God gives us. I'll be sure to share!

In the meantime...its back to the grindstone as I "relax" this week and continue to share some of the latest photos from my most recent shoots. Here you'll see more of Holly's pregg shoot - she has since had her baby [she informs me] and I look forward to meeting him when I get back home! I will also be sharing some photos from Dustin's Senior shoot and my most recent wedding after that! Whew! Got a lot to enjoy a few on me till we speak again...